Shellshock, SQL injection vulnerability in Drupal and some recent updates

Some recent updates/projects -

* Upgrade of bash on many of our clients' servers - This was to protect the server against shellshock attack. A vulnerability was reported in bash in September. More information about the bug may be found here.
* Protecting Drupal driven websites against drupal backdoor - This vulnerability was reported in October and websites prior to Drupal 7.31 have been reported to be vulnerable/compromized.
* Development and release of - The website has multiple microsites on their own sub-domain, ecommerce and many fancy reporting features.
* Phase I of is almost complete. The website will be launched soon. This website has rich content of classical music. Stay tuned!
* Encryption and decryption of data at rest to comply with HIPAA guidelines.
* Payment gateway integration (CCAvenue)
* Development of an application that is expected to receive around 3000 data files per hour! The project is for analysis of power supply, interruptions and other related stuff. More information along with some screenshots of the line charts of voltage, pie charts and charts of comparison of different locations coming up soon!