Distance calculation in search

In a custom programming project, we used distance calculation based on laitude and longitude. Search results within a given radius (in miles) can be shown now. The function is likely to be used heavily in many places within the code. updates

* Transferred this Joomla based website to a new server
* Made some updates to Virtuemart shop
* Minor updates to the theme (template)
* Some php coding for form handling updates

* Updates to the clients area
* Auto-updates to the customers' list when a new event for photography is created
* Some minor bug fixes

Giintech is growing in Mobile & Social application development sector with clients across the globe .

Note: Again we are developing this website for the same client. ( Client). Still some work is to be done here.

Working on Training Website -

We developed this website for our client working with us since 6 years ( very old client). We developed this website in Drupal.
We have done Installation and Themeing and Content Writting for this website.

We do maintainance also.

PHP based Document Indexer

* Documents will be indexed for keywords
* They will be searchable
* Formats like docx, odt, txt will be supported initially.
* Indexing to happen with a cron job for newly added files

Arthakranti: Simplenews with SMTP

Debugging mass emailing issues at

Recently, we configured the web server to send emails after SMTP authentication. There were some hiccups in the beginning. Now, it appears to be running smoothly.

Joomla theming for Cloudbyte

We are working on Joomla 1.5 theming for Cloudbyte, a Bangaluru based company. The website will be launched soon. Stay tuned!

Koha customization for Kalpataru Library

* Auto Barcode generation while receiving a Serial
* Tweaking of code such that reactivation of debarred patrons to be a privilege only to one administrator from the head office

Note: Koha is a Library management software written in perl. More information about Koha can be found on