Payment Gateway Integration on

We have integrated payment gateway to Paypal. On this website we added the dynamic shipping charges for the Product.
The user will add the product in the cart and add the shipping charges at the same time.

Integration using SimpleSAMLphp for SSO with Azure AD

Our developers recently set up the SSO (Single Sign On) with Azure AD (Active Directory).

Our Client uses Azure AD for authentication to all the internal applications.
We integrated our system with Azure AD for authentication using SimpleSAMLphp application.

It is an application written in native PHP that deals with authentication.

Website set up for a documentary film - It's Criminal

Carving IT set up a website for newly launched movie "It's Criminal" directed by Signe Taylor.

It's Criminal
This is a powerful documentary about incarcerated women and Ivy League students working together to write and perform a play about most silenced and invisible populations, women in prison.

The documentary It's Criminal offers viewers an extraordinary window into a rural jail in New Hampshire.

Bazar Documents - Vidyut Bazar

Recently our skilled developers have developed a Magento Based Moodule. "Bazar Documents"

What is Magento

Magento is an ecommerce platform built on open source technology. It has control over the look, content and functionality of their online store.
Magento offers powerful marketing, search engine optimization, and catalog-management tools.

Features of the Module

Matrimonial Website

We have developed a matrimonial website recently.

Fully custom coded design using HTML5, CSS, MYSQL, PHP, Ajax, jQuery.

InvoicePlane PDF Template Design.

As you all know Invoice Plane is a software written in PHP/MySQL, a perfect solution for the needs of small to medium sized businesses. We designed the PDF template for InvoicePlane in our recent project requirement.

Testimonial from ANSYS

We want to thank you, Carving IT team for your work on the Leave Management System project.
We appreciate your work in terms of requirements gathering, designing, timely delivery and quality support.

We would be happy provide references if needed in future.

Beta launch of

A web application, built as a part of Prayas Energy Group's Electricity Supply Monitoring Initiative (ESMI), that aggregates and analyses voltage readings at a number of locations in India, is launched. The application records readings of every minute and draws reports/charts. These reports show the quality of supply at these locations. Comparison of locations for quality of electricity supply is also possible.

The application is built on LAMP platform and makes use of many open source libraries/tools and APIs.

Customization of InvoicePlane

We found invoiceplane, a software written in PHP/MySQL, a perfect solution for the needs of small to medium sized businesses. Minor customization may be required to suit the requirements. In one of our recent projects, we customized this great software to include following features. This was done for an Auto Servicing company.